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Murray Goulburn is proud of our wide portfolio of dairy foods that we proudly sell to Australia and the world. MG produces arange of high-quality dairy foods, including drinking milk, milk powder, cheese, and butter, as well as a range of ingredient and nutritional products, such as infant formula. MG supplies the retail and food service industries with its flagship Devondale, Liddells and Murray Goulburn Ingredients brands. Our suppliers benefit from MG Trading?s competitively-priced farm inputs and services, while our regionally-located Field Services Officers assist them in making decisions on-farm.   Our flagship brand, Devondale, is a leading Australian brand and has a growing international presence. Over its 65-year history, Murray Goulburn has built an enviable reputation as one of Australia?s leading producer of quality dairy foods, made from farm fresh Australian milk, produced by dairy cows that graze on fresh green pastures every day. Today, our products are enjoyed in a multitude of countries around the world.


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